Department History



New Faculty: Lingyan Shi

New Emeritus: Prof. Marcos Intaglieta, Prof. Shu Chien

Ludmil Alexandrov, Shu Chien, Rob Knight, Prashant Mali, Bernhard O. Palsson and Kun Zhang named to the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers list

Christian Metallo co-leads study published in New England Journal of Medicine

Rob Knight, PhD wins 2019 NIH Pioneer Award

Y.C. Fung, the lifesaving 'father of biomechanics,' dies at 100

Ben Smarr, PhD: Creating an Early Alert System for COVID-19

Bernhard Palsson, PhD Receives $110M Award for Biotechnology Research

Long-lasting analgesia via targeted in situ repression of Na V 1.7 in mice, Mali, P., Moreno, A

The future of Regenerative Medicine: First FDA clinical trial success of an injectable hydrogel to restore cardiac function, Christman, K.


New Faculty: Ludmil Alexandrov

7th Bioengineering Chair Dr. Kun Zhang

Kun Zhang, PhD awarded $14 million from NIH to build 3D digital maps of human organs with single-cell resolution, Zhang, K.

Artifact Rejection Methodology Enables Continuous, Noninvasive Measurement of Gastric Myoelectric Activity in Ambulatory Subjects / Wearable System To Monitor The Stomach's Activity Throughout The Day, Coleman, T.

Machine Learning Identifies Antibiotic Resistance Genes In Tuberculosis-Causing Bacteria, Palsson, B., et. al

Shankar Subramaniam, PhD wins $12M NIH Metabolomics Workbench grant

Jeff Hasty, PhD pioneers synthetic biology to engineer solutions that improve society

Emerging technologies for molecular diagnosis of sepsis, Fraley, S.


New Faculty: Kevin King, Daniela Valdez-Jasso, Ester J. Kwon, Francisco Contijoch

UC San Diego launches a new, entirely student-run biomedical incubator called Blue LINC

UCSD researchers discover specific tumor environment that triggers cells to metastasize

Rob Knight & Bernhard Palsson named the world’s most influential researchers in their fields

UC San Diego's Biomedical Engineering Society recognized with the Chapter Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2017 BMES annual meeting

UC San Diego Scientists Create Device for Ultra-Accurate Genome Sequencing of Single Human Cells, Zhang K., et. al


Identification of three metabolic phenotypes in red cells during cold storage
Bordbar, A., Palsson, B. 0., et al

Identification of therapeutic targets for glioblastoma by network analysis (a systems level cure for gliblastoma?)
Friedman-Morvinski, Bhargava, Gupta, Verma, Su bramaniam

Poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels with cell cleavable groups for autonomous cell delivery
Kar, M., Vernon Shih, Y. R., Velez, D. 0., Cabrales, P., Varghese, S.

Increases in core temperature counterbalance effects of haemoconcentration on blood viscosity during prolonged exercise in the heat
Buono, M. J., Krippes, T., Kolkhorst, F. W., Williams, A. T., Cabrales, P.

Inflammatory response to implantation of transparent nanocrystalline yttria­stabilized zirconia using a dorsal window chamber model
Damestani, Y., Galan-Hoffman, D. E., Ortiz, D., Cabrales, P., Aguilar, G.



New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Elliot McVeigh


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Bruce Wheeler

Initiation of clinical trial with regenerative hydrogel in myocardial infarction patients
Dr. Karen Christman

Perfusion pressure and blood flow determine microvascular apparent viscosity.
Yalcin 0, Ortiz D, Williams AT, Johnson PC, and Cabrales P.

Endothelin receptor B, a candidate gene from human studies at high altitude, improves cardiac tolerance to hypoxia in genetically engineered heterozygote mice
Stobdan T, Ao-leong E, Ortiz D, McCulloch AD, Bafna V, Cabrales P, and Haddad GG.

Supra-plasma expanders: treating blood loss and anemia without red b lood cell transfusions
Tsai, A. G., Salazar Vazquez, B. Y., Hofmann, A., Acharya, S. A., lntaglietta, M.

Model driven discovery of underground metabolism
Guzman, G., Palsson, B.0. , et al

Cell type-restricted expression of E-Tmod41 and its localization to the dendrilic spine of horizontal cells in the reli na
Yao, W., Chu, X., Sung, L. A.

The first high-resolution dry-electrode mobile brain-computer interface for real­lime neuroimaging and cognitive monitoring
Mullen, T. R., Kothe, C. A. E., Chi, Y. M., Ojeda, A., Kerth, T., Makeig, S., Jung, T-P, Cauwenberghs, G.

Half a unit bood trasnfusion Is better than two units
lntaglietta, M.

Definition of the minimal proteome
Yang, L., Palsson, B.0. , et al

Systems vaccinology (the first multi-year multi-omics study of human response to influenza vaccine - highlight in Press as an important study for vaccination of the elderly)
Nakaya, Hagan, ...... Subramaniam, Pulendran

Biomarkers of NAFLD progression (the first serum biomarkers to discriminate liver pathologies)
Gorden, ..... Subramaniam, Brown

Control of overweight and obesity in childhood through education in meal time habits. The ·good manners for a healthy future· programme
Salazar Vazquez BY, Salazar Vazquez MA, Lopez Gutierrez G, Acosta Rosales K, Cabrales P, Vadillo-Ortega F, lntaglietta M, Perez Tamayo R, Schmid-Schonbein GW.



New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Stephanie Fraley


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Prashant Mali

Localized increase of tissue oxygen tension by magnetic targeted drug delivery.
Uong C, Ortiz D, Ao-ieong E, Navati MS, Friedman JM, and Cabrales P.

Resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock using polymerized hemoglobin compared to blood
Ortiz D, Barros M, Yan S, and Cabrales P.

Microvascular shunts and hematocrit dispersion in microvascular f low
Sriram, K., Tartakovsky, D. M., Fagrell, B., lntaglietta, M.

Regulation of endothelial response to disturbed flow by epigenetic factor (DNA methylation)
Zhou J., Li, Y. S., Wang, K. C., Chien, S.

Treating pediatric obesity with technology assisted behavioral training
Salazar Vazquez, B. Y., Salazar Vazquez, M. A,. Cabrales, P., Perez Tamayo, R., lntaglietta, M., Schmid-Schtinbein, G. W.

Establishment of the sigma factor network in E. coli
Cho, Palsson, 8.0. , et al

Network definition of minimal pathway structure that is consistent with biomolecular interactions
Bordbar, A., Palsson, 8.0. , et al

Information theoretic approach to complex biological network reconstruction
Farangmehr, Maurya, Tartakovsky, Subramaniam

Time varying causal inference in macrophage cells
Masnardi-Shirazi, Maurya, Subramaniam

Statistical insights into major human muscle diseases
Gupta, Kim, Wang, Dinasarapu, Subramaniam

Hemodynamics and tissue oxygenation after hemodilution with ultrahigh molecular weight polymerized albumin
Castro C, Ortiz D, Palmer AF, and Cabrales P.

Microhemodynamic parameters quantification from intravital microscopy videos.
Ortiz D, Briceno JC, and Cabrales P.



5th Bioengineering Chair
Dr. Geert Schmid-Schtinbein

14th UC System-Wide Bioengineering Symposium

NAVBO Vasculata Meeting

Transport of nitric oxide by perfluorocarbon emulsion
Ortiz D, Cabrales P, and Briceno JC.

Cerebral tissue oxygenation impairment during experimental cerebral malaria.
Cabrales P, Martins YC, Ong PK, Zanini GM, Frangos JA, and Carvalho lJ.

Microhemodynamic aberrations created by transfusion of stored blood
Yalcin 0, Ortiz D, Tsai AG, Johnson PC, and Cabrales P.

Demonstration that acute insulin resistance is due to proteol ytic cleavage of the insulin receptor by digestive enzymes
Delano, F. A, Schmid-Schtinbein, G. W.

Multi-strain reconstructions predict colonization sites and auxotrophy
Monk, J., Palsson, B.0., et al

Tattoo Electronics
Coleman, T.

Preclinical evidence that multiorgan failure in shock is due to autodigestion
Delano, F. A., Hoyt, D. B., Schmid-Schtinbein, G. W.

Genome-scale analysis of the enzyme promiscuity
Nam, Palsson, B.0. , et al

Computation of temperature dependency of E. coli growth
Chang, Palsson, B.0. , et al

Community structure analysis of gene interaction networks in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (hailed by an anonymous reviewer as a hall mark paper)
Narayanan, Subramaniam

A combined "Omics" study of macrophages (the first study that integrated transcriptomics, regulatory genomics and lipidomics in a mammalian cell)
Dinasarapu, Gupta, Maurya, Fahy, Min, Sud, Gersten, Glass, Subramaniam

The first Complement Database
Yang, Dinasarapu, Reis, DeAngelis, Ricklin, Subramaniam, lambris

Quantitative transcriptomics using designed primer-based amplification (the first RNA seq method that maps over 90o/o of the mammalian transcriptome with only 50 picograms of RNA)
Bhargava, Ko, Will ems, Mercola and Subramaniam



New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Peter Wang


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Sheng Zhong

Center for Multiscale Imaging of Living Systems Kickoff Symposium

NIAMS Training Grant, Predoctoral Training in Translational Musculoskeletal Research

Establishment of the "Biosystems Major" for Bioengineering UG Degree
Or. Shankar Subramaniam and the Department

Evolution of bioengineering at UC San Diego
Or. Shankar Subramaniam

Functional coherence of molecular networks
Book Eds. Koyuturk, Grama, Subramaniam, S.

NIH Common Funds Metabolomics Data Repository and Coordination
Grant Subramaniam, S.

Functional classification of skeletal muscle networks I and II (the first complete molecular skeletal muscle networks)
Wang, Winters, Subramaniam, S.

PEG-Albumin supra plasma expansion increases wall shear stress and expression of MCP-1
Hightower, C. M., Salazar Vazquez, B. Y., Acharya, S. A., Subramanian, S., lntaglietta, M.

Genome-scale analysis of the enzyme promiscuity
Nam, Palsson, 8.0. , et al

Neuromorphic silicon integrated circuit exceeds the nominal energy efficiency of synaptic transmission in the mammalian brain (1fJ of energy per synaptic operation)
Karakiewicz, R., Genov, R., Cauwenberghs, G.

Supra plasma expansion due to restoration of viscosity shear thinning
Sriram, K., Tsai, A. G., Cabrales, P., Acharya, S. A., Tartakovsky, 0. M., lntaglietta, M.

Integrated models of metabolism and full marcomolecular synthesis established
Lerman, J., Palsson, B.0. , et al

Stochastic operator-splitting method for reaction diffusion systems
Choi, Maurya, Tartakovsky, Subramaniam, S.

Gene expression measurements: variance modeling considerations
Subramaniam, S., Hsiao

Small-volume resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock with polymerized human serum al bu min
Messmer C, Yalcin 0, Palmer AF, and Cabrales P.



New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Christian Metallo


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Todd Coleman

Renewal of the NIH Bioinformatics Training Grant
Subramaniam, S.

International Research-intensive Center of Excellence (I-RICE) IEM & University Systems of Taiwan

Bioinformatics and systems biology of the lipidome (the first comprehensive review on the lipidome)
Subramaniam, S. and laboratory

3D nano-mechanics of the erythrocyte membrane skeletal network when helical actin protofilaments are wrapped around by Intertwined al3 spectrins
Sche, P., Vera, C., Sung, L.A.

Autodigestion and receptor cleavage as cause of cell dysfunction in diabetes and hypertension
Delano, F. A., Chen, A. Y., Wu, K-1 S., Tran, E. D., Rodrigues, S. F., Schmid­Schonbein, G. w.

Single RNAP mutations shown to reprogram the transcriptional regulatoy network in E. coli
Conrad, Palsson, B.0. , et al

How red blood cells may die: Shear and Ca2+ induced RGD externalization from ankyrin triggers aVl33 integrtn-mediated erythrophagocytosis
Peng, W., Sung, L.A.

Genome sequence of the CHO K1 cell line established

First patient-specific model of heart failure reported
Dr. McCulloch's Group

A global clustering algorithm to identify Inc RNA in mammalian cells
Garmire, Garmire, Huang, Yao, Glass, Subramaniam, S.


UCSD Bioengineering Doctoral Program ranked first in nation by National Research Council

NHLBI Training Grant on Integrative Bioengineering of Heart, Vessels and Blood

Award of the NSF Science and Technology Center (the Science of Information) Life Sciences Subramaniam, S.

Whole blood precision measurements of protease activity
Lefkowitz, R. B., Schmid-Schonbein, G. w., Heller, M. J.

Development of non-contact electrodes for acquiring electrocardiography (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG), and other biopotentials
Chi, Y. M., Jung, T. P., Cauwenberghs, G.

Erythrocyte tropomodulin isoforms with and without the N-terminal actin binding domain
Yao, W., Sung, L.A.

Role of microRNA in flow-regulation of endothelial cell cycle and growth
Wang, K. C., Garmire, L. X., Young, A., Nguyen, P., Trinh, A., Subramaniam, S., Wang, N., Shyy, J. Y., Li, Y. S., Chien, S.

Prediction of off-target effects of drugs using genome-scale models
Chang, Palsson, 6.0. , et al

Blood pressure correlates with blood viscosity in diabetes type 1 children but not in normals
Salazar Vazquez, B. Y., Salazar Vazquez, M.A., lntaglietta, M., Cabrales, P.

Reconsturction of host-pathogen models: TB inside the lung mactophage
Bordbar, A., Palsson, 6.0. , et al

The mouse macrophage lipidome (the first complete lipidome of a mammalian cell)

Consortium, Subramaniam, S.

Stochastic hybrid modeling of intracellular calcium dynamics
Choi, Maurya, Tartakovsky, Subramaniam, S.


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Pedro Cabrales


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Ratnesh Lal



Bilateral Symposium with National Yang Ming University

Inauguration of Siebel Foundation Scholars


New Bioengineering Faculty Dr. Gert Cauwenberghs

Challenges in computational systems biology
Maurya, Subramaniam, S.

Development of first cardiac specific, injectable hydrogel for treating myocardial infarction
Dr. Karen Christman (PhD Students: Jennifer Singelyn, Jessica DeQuach)

E-Tmod expressing horizontal cells in the retina experience greater stress-strain relationship than vertically oriented neurons
Yao, W., Sung, L. A.

Integration of protein structures into genome-scale models

Establishment of the transcriptional unit actritectyure in E.coli

Bivariate microarray analysis
Hsiao, Subramaniam, S.

Mechanisms of human insulin resistance (a hall mark study on deciphering responders and non-responders to TZD treatment of insulin resistance)
Sears, Hsiao, Hsiao, Yu, Courtney, Ofrecio, Chapman, Subramaniam, S.


Inaugural Joan and Irwin Jacobs Professor of Systems Biology and Bioengineering
Subramaniam, S.

Community consensus model for yeast Nature biotech

Inauguration of the Institute of Engineering in Medicine

UCSD Chancellor's Excellence Award for Research
Subramaniam, S.

5th Bioengineering Chair
Dr. Shankar Subramaniam

New BE Faculty
Dr. Adam Engler

First genome-scale reconstruction of a regolon
Cho,B. K, Palsson, B.O.

Appointed Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews in Systems Biology and Medicine
Subramaniam, S.

Reneweral of the NIH Glue Grant, LIPID MAPS
Subramaniam, S.


First Bioengineering Day (BE Day)

New BE Faculty
Dr. Kun Zhang

New BE Faculty
Dr. Shyni Varghese

New BE Faculty
Dr. Karen Christman

Beneficial microvascular effects due to infusion of saturated CO solution
Hangai-Hoger, N., Tsai, A.G., Cabraels, P., Suematsu, M., Intaglietta, M.

Genome-scale metabolic model of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Jamshidi, N., Palsson, B.O.

Diagnosic frequency ultrasound improves microcirculatory function in ischemia-reperfusion injury
Hightower, C.M., Intaglietta, M.

Lowered blood viscosity limits resuscitation in hemorrhagic shock and not lowered blood oxygen carrying capacity
Cabrales, P., Tsai, A.G., Intaglietta, M.

Genome-scale model of human metabolishm
Duarte, N.D., Palsson, B.O.

The neuroinformatics workbench
Moene, Subramaniam,S, Bjaalie

Systems Biology of macrophages
Maurya, Benner, Pradervand, Glass, Subramaniam, S.


First Bioengineering Quiz Bowl (BQB)

The first publication on "how mammalian cells parse signals" and communicate: sigaling in macrophages
Pradervand, Maurya, Subramaniam, S.

Review of the Glue Grant, "The alliance for Cellular Signaling"
Subramaniam, S.

Renewal of the NIH Bioinformatics Training Grant
Director Subramaniam, S.

Elevated plasma viscosity increases perivascular nitric oxide concentration and microvascular perfusion
Tsai, A.G., Cabrales, P., Frangos, J.A., Buerk, D.G., Intaglietta, M.

Genome-scale models used to growth couple metabolite production
Fong,S.S, Burgard, A.P., Herring, C.D., Knight, E.M., Blattner, F.R., Maranas, C.D., Palsson, B.O.

Development of a novel extracellular matrix microarray for probing cellular differentiation

Development of a flourescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) technique to visualize the spatio-temporal characteristics of mechanical activation of Src.
Wang. Y., Botvinick, E.L., Zhao, Y., Berns, M., Usami, S., Tsien, R.Y., Chien,S.

Paradoxical hypertension following increased hematocrit and blood viscosity
Martini, J., Salazar, Vazquez, B.Y., Intaglietta, M.

Establishment of the HHMI Interfaces Graduate Training Program
Cotter, Maer, Guda, Saunders, and Subramaniam

Creation of the LIPDS MAPS proteome Database
Cotter, Maer, Guda, Saunders, Subramaniam, S.


4th Bioengineering Chair
Dr. Andrew McCulloch

Bioengineering Research partnership on "Molecular Basis of Flow-induced Endothelial Reorganization"

Publication of the Book,"Databasing the brain: from Data to Knowledge"
Eds: Koslow, Subramaniam,S.

Publication of the Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Vol 7,8
Ed. Subramaniam, S.

Elevated plasma viscosity increases perivascular nitric oxide concentration and microvascular perfusion
Tsai, A.G., Cabrales, P., Frangos, J.A., Buerk, D.G., Intaglietta,M.

Genome-scale models used to growth couple metabolite production
Fong,S.S., Burgard, A.P., Herring, C.D., Knight, E.M., Blattner, F.R., Maranas, C.D., Palsson, B.O.

Multiple expression states discovered following adaptive evolution to hte same phenotype
Fong,S.S., Joyce, A.J., Palsson, B.O.

Paradoxical hypotension following increased hematocrit and blood viscosity
Martini, J., Salazar Vazquez, B.Y., Intaglietta, M.

Development of a flourenscence resonance energy transfer (FRET) technique to vistualize the spatio-temporal characteristics of mechanical activation of Src.
Wang Y., Botvinik, E.L., Zhao, Y., Berns, M., Usami, S., Tsien, R.Y., Chien. S,

Development of a novel extracellular matrix microarray for probing cellular differentiation
Flaim, C.J., Chien, S., Bhatia, S.

The first comprehensive classification of lipids
Fahy, Subramaniam, and the LIPIDMAPS Consortium

pTARGET - a new method of prediciting protein subcelluar localization in eukaryotes
Guda, Subramaniam, S.


Terminal lymphatics: the tissue "lethal corner"
Hangai-Hoger,N., Cabrales, P., Briceno, J-C, Tsai, A.G., Intaglietta,M.

Red Blood cell storage induces microvascular dysfunction in transfusion
Tsai, A.G., Cabrales, P., Intaglietta, M.

Genome-scale models predict the outcomes of hith-throughput growth screens
Covert, M.W., Knight, E.M., Reed, J.L., Herrgard, M.J., Palsson, B.O.

Establishment of first mitochondrial protein sequence database, mitoproteome
Cotter, Guda, Fahy, Subaramaniam, S.

MITOPRED: a genome scale method for prediction of nucleus-encoded mitochondrial proteins
Guda, Fahy, Subramaniam, S.

Decoding cilia function: defining specialized genes required for compartmentalized cilia biogenesis
Avidor-Reiss, Maer, Koundakjian, Polyanovsky, Keil, Subramaniam, S, Zuker.

Variance-modeled posterior inference of microarray data
Hsiao, Worrall, Olefsky, Subramaniam, S.

Computational modeling reveals interplay between components of a GTPase-cycle module
Bornheimer, Maurya, Farquhar, Subramaniam, S.


New Biogengineering Faculty
Dr. Gabriel Silva

New Biogengineering Faculty
Dr. John Watson

New Biogengineering Faculty
Dr. Trey Ideker

Multi-institutional NIH glue grant,"The LIPIDMAPS"
Subaramaniam, S

Completion of the Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall

Measurement of oxygen consumption by microvessel
Tsai, A.G., Friesenecker,B., Buerk, D.G., Johnson,P.C., Intaglietta,M.

Development of PEG-hemoglobin as an oxgen carrying that targets anoxic tissue
Tsai, A.G., Vandegriff,K.D.,

Mystries solved: Why actin protofilaments are 37nm long, and why erythrocyte membrate skeletal networks are hexagonal
Sung,L.A., Vera, C.

First erythrocyte tropomodulin knock-out mouse model created and characterized
Chu,X., Chen, J., Vera, C., Sung,K.L.P., Sung, L.A.

The first 3D mechanical model of the junctional complex in the erythrocyte membrate skeletal network
Sung,L.A., Vera,C.

Genome-scale model of yeast metabolism
Famili, I., Forster, J., Nielsen, J., Palsson, B.O.

Moleduclar and mechanical bases of focal lipid accumulation in arterial wall


3rd Bioengineering Chair
Dr Shu Chien

New Biogengineering Faculty
Dr. Jeff Hasty

New Biogengineering Faculty
Dr. Xiaohua Huang

Incorporation of SNPs into whole cell models
Jamshidi, N., Wiback, S.J., Palsson, B.O.

First match of gene activity with biomechanial functions
Li,Z.J., Huang, W., Jiang, Z.L., Gregersen, H., Fung, Y.C.

Genome-scale models predict the outcome of adaptive evolution
Ibarra, R.U., Edwards, J.S., Palsson, B.O.

The Alliance for Cellular signaling: A nature highlight publication researchers in the AfCS
Subramaniam, S.

The Molecular Pages Database
Li,Ning, Hedley, Saunders, Chen, Tindill, Hannay, Subaramaniam, S.


NIH Program Project Grant: Biomechanics

Von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Techonology Advancement

New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. Michael Heller

Incorporation of transcriptional regulation into genome scale models
Covert, M.W., Palsson, B.O.

Demonstration of a second valve system in lymphatics
Trzewik, J., Artmann, G.M., DeLano, F.A., Schmid-Schonbein,G.W.

Growth predictions of genome-scale models validated
Edwards, J.S., Ibrarra, R.U., Palsson, B.O.,

Award of the first NIH Bioinformatics Graduate Training Grant
Dr.Shankar Subramaniam

Multi-institutional NIH glue grant, "The Alliance for Cellular Signaling"
Dr.Shankar Subramaniam


Bioengineering Research Partnership on "Molecular Basis of FLow-induced Endothelial Reorganization"

Bioengineering Research Partnership for the development of blood substitues
Dr. Marcos Intaglietta

Creation of the UCSD Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Graduate Program
Founding Director
Dr. Shankar Subramaniam

A complex formed by erythrocyte tropomodulin and rod-like tropomyosin 5 or 5b may function as a "molecular ruler"
Sung, L.A., et al.

First demonstration of organ failure by leaking pancreatic digestive enzymes
Misuoka, H., Kistler, E.B., Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.

Effect of red blood cell aggregation onn venular hemodynamics
Bishop, J.J., Popel, A.S., Johnson, P.C., Kim, S., Intaglietta, M.

Large molecular dimension hemoglobin oxygen carriers lower hypertensive effect
Sakai, H., Tsuchida, E., Intaglietta,M.

Genome-scale metabolic model established for E. coli
Edwards, J.S., Palsson, B.O.

Creation of the NIH BISTI White Paper, that led to the start of large scale NIH funding of biomedical informatics: The NIH Director's Advisory Committee on Biomedical Informatics
Dr. Shankar Subramanaiam

A novel microarray Strategy for detecting genes and pathways in microbes with unsequenced genomes
Ramarathnam, Subramaniam, S.



Window Chamber analysis and ischemic tissue flaps in plastic surgery
Erni, D., Intaglietta, M.

First genome-scale metabolic model established for Hamophilus influenzae
Edwards,J.s., Palsson, B.O.

2nd Engineering chair
Dr. David Gough

New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. Shankar Subramaniam


Whitaker Foundation Leadership Award
Chien, S
Powell Foundation Award

Planning of Construction of Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall

The extreme pathway structure of integrated networks established
Schilling, C.H., Palsson, B.O.

Novel Pseudo-pods described on hematopioetic stem cells
Francis, K., Holloway, W., Ramakrishna, R., Palsson, B.O.

The Beneficial effect of high plasma and blood viscosity
Tsai, A.G., Cabrales P., Martini, J., Intaglietta, M

Measurement of oxygen consumption by microvessels
Tsai, A.G., Friesenecker,B, Buerk, D.G., Intaglietta, M.


Annual Meeting of Biomedical Engineering Society
Chien,S., Skalak, R.

Collaborative program: Development of artificial blood Dept. of Polymer Chemistry Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, and Dept. of Bioengineering
Dr. Eishun Tsuchida, Dr. Marcos Intaglietta

Role of integrins in cellular responses to mechanical stress and adhesion
Shyy, J.Y.J., Chien, S.

Microvascular responses to hemodilution with Hb vesicles as red blood cell substitues
Sakai, H., Tsai, A.G., Hara, H. Takeoka, S., Tsuchida, E., Intaglietta, M.

First demonstration of fluid shear stress response in immune cells
Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.


Development of first biomechanical model of myogenic response in arterioles
Lee, S-Y, Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.

Discovery of functional capillary density as determinant of survival, and not tissue oxygen tension in hemorrhage
Kerger,H., Saltzman, D.J., Messmer, K., Tsai, A.G., Friesenecker,B., Cabrales, P., Intaglietta,M.


New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. Bernhard Palsson

Studies of hemoglobin based blood substitues in the microcirculation
Tsai, A.G., Cabrales, P., Winslow, R.M., Intaglietta, M

Demonstration of pseudopod formation in capillary endothelium
Lee, J., Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.

Demonstration of the induction of inflammatory gene expression by a shear responsive cis elemenet
Shyy, Y.J., Lin, M.C., Han, J., Lu, Y., Petrime, M., Chien, S.


Whitaker Foundation Development Award
Dr.Shu Chien

First Bioengineering Department in the UC System

Founding Bioengineering Chair
Dr. Shu Chien

New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. L. Amy Sung

Establishment of "Molecular Biology Common Facility" in EBUI with the support of the Whitaker Foundation Development Award to Bioengineering
Founding Director: L. Amy Sung
The first female tenured or tenure-tracked faculty in the department.

Direct Visualization of oxygen free radicals in vivo
Suematsu, M. Tamatami, T., DeLano, F.A., Miyasaka, M., Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.

Erythrocyte tropomodulin binds to the N-terminal end of the rod-like tropomyosin 5 isoform
Sung, L.A., Lin, J.J. C.


Whitaker Foundation Development Award and Industrial Liaison Program

Remodeling of the constitutive equation of a living tissue under stress
Fung, Y.C., Liu, S.Q., Zhou, J.B.


Molecular cloning of erythrocyte tropomodulin: The first in a large family
Sung, L.A., Fowler, V.M., Lambert, K., Sussman, M.A., Karr, D., Chien,S

New Faculty
Dr. Robert Sah


Demonstration of leukocyte obstruction of capillaries and no-reflow in stroke
Del Zoppo, G.J., Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.


NIH Program Project Grant: "Biophysics of Blood Cells, Blood Vessels, and Microcirculation"

First World Congress of Biomechanics
Chien,S, Skalak, R.

Hyperosmotic fluid efficay in treating hemorrhage
Mazoni, M.C., Borgstrom, P.m Arfors, K-E, Intaglietta, M.

First Demonstration of residual strain in the heart
Omens, J.H., Fung, Y.C.

Molecular cloning of human erythrocyte membrane skeletal protein 4.2
Sung, L.A, Chien, S, Chang, L.S., et al.



Tissue oxygenation by discrete sources(single file RBC flow)
Tsai, A.G., Intaglietta, M.


First application of non-harmonic analysis of semi-periodic cardiovascular phenomena: the Prony Spectral Line Estimator
Buckhard, P.M., Meyer, J-U, Secomb, T.W., Breit, G.A., Intaglietta,M.


First Graduate Course on Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering
Chien S, Sung,K.L., Sung, L,A.

First theory of blood flow in skeletal msucle based on realistic topology and mechanical properties
Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.

Demonstration of residual stress in arteries
Liu, S.Q., Fung, Y.C.

Small value hypertonic resuscitation: microvasdcular consequences and role of endothelial swelling
mazzoni, M.C., Arfors, K-E, Easterbrook, M.H., Hargens, A.R., Intaglietta,M.

New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. Shu Chien


New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. Andrew McCulloch


First Bioengineering Graduate Symposium

Physics and physiology of hemodilution at the microvascular and systemic level from in vivo studies
Messmer,K., Mirhashemi, S., Bertuglia, S., Tsai, A.G., Cabrales, P., Intaglietta,M.


First full reconstruction of the microvascular network in skeletal muscle
Engelson, E. T., Skalak, T. C. , Schmid-Schönbein, G. W.


Demonstration for lymph formation by vasomotion
Skalak, T.C. Schmid-Schoenbein, G.W., Zweifach, B. W.

Demonstration of leukocyte capillary plugging in the heart
Engler, R.L., Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.


Vasomotion as a factor in peripheral vascular resistance
Funk,W., Endrich, B., Messmer, K., Gross,J. F. , Bertuglia, S., Intaglietta, M.

First Time-dimensional stress distribution in arteries
Chuong, C.J., Fung, Y.C.


Founding Dean of the Jacobs School Engineering
Dr. M. Lea Rudee


First analysis of passive viscoelastic properties of human leukocytes
Schmid-Schönbein, G.W., Sung, K-L P., Tözeren,H., Chien,s, Skalak,R.

First precise morphometic analysis of leukocytes
Schmid-Schönbein, G.W., Shih, Y.Y., Chien,S.


Tucson-San Diego Program Project:Quantative studies of microvascular function
Dr. Paul C. Johnson and Dr. Marcos Intaglietta

Discovery of microvascular pacemakers driving spontaneous time dependent activity of the microcirculation
Meyer, J-U, Bertuglia,S, Borgstrom, P, Xiu, RJ, Gross, JF, Schmidt, JA, Intaglietta,M




Effects of perfluorocarbon as Blood Substitutes in the Microcirculation
Endrich, B. , Greenburg, A.S., Cabrales,P., Briceno, J.C., Chavez-Negrete,A., Intaglietta,M

First Consitutive Equation for Lung Tissue
Vawter,D.L., Fung, Y.C., West, J.B.
Perflurocarbons as Gas Transporters for O2,NO, CO, and Volatile Anesthetics
Cabrales,P., Salazar Vazquez, B.Y., Chavez-Negrete, A., Intaglietta,M


New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr. Geert Schmid-Schönbein


Window Chamber Technique for In Vivo Hemodynamic Analysis of Tumor Microcirculation
Endrich, B. , Papenfuss,H.D, Gross, J.F. Reihold,H.D., Intaglietta,M.

Biomechanics of Active Smooth Muscle
Price, J.M. , Patitucci, P., Fung, Y.C.



Biomechanics of an Exact microvascular Network
Lipowsky,H.h., Zweifach,B.W.

New Bioengineering Faculty
Dr.David Gough

Capillary Blood flow and Pressure Measurements in Humans
Butti,P., Mahler, F., Bollinger,A., Anliker, M., Fagrell,B. , Fronek,A. Intaglietta,M.
Mechanical Properties of the Skin
Lanir,Y. Fung, Y.C.

Developed at UC San Diego Bioengineering, 200 laboratories supplied worldwide, including instrumentation for Physiology and Medicine Inc., commercializes on-line dynamic microscopic measurement of flow, geometry and pressure in the microcirculation the USSR

Mechanical Properties of the Heart Muscle
Pinto, J.G. , Fung, Y.C.



Renal Perfusion and Pulmonary Ventilation Measurements by Video Fluroscopy
Silverman,N.R., Intaglietta,M.

First Precise Measurements of the Erythrocyte Geometry
Evans,E., Fung, Y.C.



First NIH Training Grant with Department of Surgery

Mechanical Properties of Mammalian Ureteral

Yin, F.C.P., Fung, Y.C.

Pediatric, Automated Heart Lung Machine for Infants

Turnia,M., Brauwald, N.S., Intaglietta,M.

Instrumentation for On-Line Pressure and Flow Measurements in the Microcirculation Intaglietta,M.



Bioengineering Faculty and Family
SheetFlow Theory in Pulmonary Circulation
Fung, Y.C., Tong,P., Sobin,S. S.


Exponential Law for Elastic Response or Soft Living Tissue

Fung, Y.C.

Mechanics of fluid exchange in single, in-vivo blood capillaries

Zweifach, B.W., Intaglietta, M.


Theory of the Sphering of Red Blood Cell

Fung, Y.C., Tong, P.


Bioengineering is born at UC San Diego within the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AMES)

Founding Faculty.

Dr Yuan-Cheng Fung

Dr Benjamin Zweifach

Dr. Marcos Intaglietta


Dr. Marcos Intaglietta visits the laboratory of Professor Peer Scholander at Scripps Oceanographic and organizes the subsequent visits of Dr. Benjamin W. Zweifach and finally Dr. Y. C. Fung.

The group meets with Professor S. Penner who proposes forming a multidisciplinary group in Bioengineering / Biomechanics in combination with the School of Medicine.