Fung Auditorium

Recharge facility


General Information and Policies

  • Information
    • Capacity - Seated ~100, Standing 135
    • Total Area: 1628sq. ft. Usuable space: 30.2ft x 28ft
    • Maximum projector resolution - 1920 x 1200
    • Microphones - 1 lectern/podium, 2 wireless lapel, 2 wireless handheld (with desk stands)
    • Touchscreen control system - training is required to run the system
    • Back of the room camera for Zoom - training is required to run the system
    • $38/hr for UCSD/UC System, $200/hr for non-campus + liability coverage
    • Minimum of 2 hours or an additional 1/2 hour before and after event

Usage Policy - rules for reserving the Fung Auditorium

  • All users will accept the use contract, which holds them responsible for following rules:
  • Minimum Attendance Rule
    • Lecture or seminar format - 50 people or more.
    • Banquet, meeting or celebration - 40 people or more.
    • Bioengineering Thesis defenses are exempt from the minimum attendance rule.
  • Reservations must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of requested date. Please note that the auditorium is a popular facility and books up months in advance.
  • Reservations can be cancelled up to 2 business days prior to an event without charge. If the cancellation is less than 2 business days prior, the user will be charged ½ the expected fee for the reservation. If a user fails to use the auditorium (“no-show”) without cancelling, the whole reservation fee is still due. The Bioengineering MSO can be petitioned to waive a cancellation fee in cases of emergencies.
  • A faculty member or administrative or research staff member must agree to be responsible for an after hours access code. The room is unlocked 8am to 5pm. Exemptions are granted in special cases by the Bioengineering Department.
  • Events not specifically sponsored by Bioengineering must obtain special approval from the Bioengineering MSO.
  • No regularly scheduled student classes, workshops or review sessions may be held in this auditorium, except with special permission by the Department MSO.
  • Bioengineering linked student organizations are normally allowed 1 free meeting a quarter for a General Body Meeting. Any other meetings are normally charged and you will need to obtain a project and task number for billing. The fee for these may be waived at the discretion of department management.
  • If a change in layout is required, the requester must also schedule an outside supplier to supply and move any required furniture and to return the auditorium to its lecture format. If just
    • For just layout changes and returning the auditorium to regular lecture format, contact campus Facilities Management.  Remember to give them the location, date and times of the event and to put in the subject & description "ROOM RECONFIGURATION" as well as the building name and room number.  Note, their available staff normally work 6:30am to 3:30pm for this service. FM staff will not setup nor take down any rented furniture.
    • For any banquet tables or other furniture that may be needed, you will need to contract with Rafael's, Bright Event Rentals, or Miramar Party Rentals.  For campus members, these services can be accessed through the Oracle Financial Cloud system. These services will not move the chairs.
    • Normal lecture layout (PDF)
  • At the end of the event the auditorium is to be returned to its original condition
    • AV system off
    • Refuse picked up
    • All lights off
    • All doors to the auditorium locked
  • No food or drink, other than water, is allowed in the auditorium, unless special arrangements have been made with the Department.
  • Notify the department of any damage, missing equipment, or unkempt state found upon entering the auditorium caused by a previous event.
  • For non-Bioengineering events, the requester must schedule with the Department to have one of their own organizers/designates trained to run the AV system.
  • After hours events require special training to disarm and arm the alarm system in the auditorium. Once approval has been given, it is the responsibility of the requester to schedule this training with the Department.
  • A key is no longer necessary as the auditorium now has keycode door locks. A code will be issued for use for after hours events. The doors are automatically unlocked between 8am and 5pm normal week days, but the handles are hard to turn.
  • It is the Department of Bioengineering's right to make last minute schedule changes.

How to Reserve the Auditorium

  • View the Fung Auditorium schedule here to check its availability.
  • Complete and submit the Fung Auditorium Request Form.
  • If your reservation request is granted.
    • You will be informed when the front desk staff will be available for you to pick up the key.
  • Request training on the AV system and/or alarm system, as necessary.
    • Contact the Department of Bioengineering's facilities and safety coordinator for AV and Alarm System training at with information as to when you are available for training. Give yourself a full 1/2 hour.

After Your Event is Over

  • At the end of the event the auditorium is to be returned to its original condition
    • AV system off
    • Refuse picked up
    • All lights off
    • All doors to the auditorium locked (and alarm armed if a weekend event)
  • Facilities Management must be scheduled to return the auditorium to lecture format if you had it changed. Normal lecture layout (PDF)
  • The key is to be returned as soon as possible during regular office hours (8:00am to 4:30pm), but no later than 24 hours after our event is finished, or by 12noon on the following Monday if the key is checked out for a Friday afternoon/evening or weekend event.
  • You will be given the Recharge Form (UCSD/UC System) or Invoice (all others) with the bill for the use of the auditorium.